About Us

Maresias is a Brazilian/Portuguese word that means salt air or the characteristic smell of the Ocean. Here at Maresias Life our goal is to create a brand and community that captures that feeling when you get that first breath of Maresias on the way to the beach!


We are a new company (based in Deerfield Beach, Florida) and are working tirelessly on trying to organize the best of the best when it comes to designs for our lines and other brands and products to offer our customers.. our family! :)
Maresias Life will be evolving quickly. We are more than open for input from our potential customers and partners.  Please feel free to post or send in a message any thoughts you have concerning new directions we might consider.
If you are interested in working with us please send us any relevant links in a private message along with a note as to how you think you could help! Some partners we will always be looking for include professionals at the top of their segments including:
Suppliers of amazing products
Retail stores for our Maresias Swim/Clothing line
Amazing brands for our store
Marketing/PR Interns

These are just some of the spokes that will make the Maresias wheels go around! If you would like to discuss how you think you might help us please feel free to contact us anytime!

Beachy, Healthy, Grounded, Conscious, Creative, Chic, Free, Fun, Strong, Kind, Caring sound like you? 

Our goal is to bring you the freshest, funkiest, most beautiful, most comfortable, best quality, Swimwear, Beach Gear, Clothing & Accessories on the planet!

Please help us to do that by lending your feedback and/or support around the web!


Maresias on Deerfield beach from CYBERWOOD on Vimeo.